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Ovation 6.8

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9.2 Open

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 Elovation 6.8

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 Ovation 7.6 Open

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Ovation 7.6

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Evolution 7.7


German Design Award Winner


Our Ovation 7.6 has won.
STATEMENT OF THE JURY: The design focuses on the user and unites form and function
to create a contemporary, sporty unit.

THE NEW GANZ Ovation 7.6 Watersport
The fusion of watersport and elegance.


With our new Ovation 7.6 Watersport we bring together watersports with timeless elegance.
The combination of ballast and  trimm system allow different wave sizes. The folding Tower can be equiped with speakers and a bimini top.

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OVATION 6.8  Sport-Line
Adrenalin water cooled

The Ovation 6.8 Sport- Line- Everything not improving performance is canceled. 

Lightweight building, surface exhaust system and dynamic trim system is what you can expect in this V8 powered compromising nothing boating pleasure. Innovation at its purest.

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Come on bord of the Ganz Boats Sharing Club 
and enjoy the summer with an Ovation 6.8 on the lake

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The dream of having a sports boat with a close Mooring has no longer to remain a mere dream. Ganz Sharing now offers a sharing model that promises unlimited fun with shared costs
At Ganz Sharing, you can purchase Time Credits and simply book your boat online.  While you enjoy your freedom and relax on the water, Ganz Sharing handles the professional yacht Management.

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